The 2013 Wind Down

Another eventful year will be over in a few days. As usual, I reflect on everything that’s happened. Of course, this year has had its ups and downs. I’ve made some good and crappy decisions as well; such is my life. I will take away some things from this year and hope to further develop them as 2014 creeps its way in.

Financial stability remains a top priority, and I still hold on to the possibility of relocating. While trying to achieve these goals, I also hope to get back into running and do some more traveling. I’ve slowly become a wanderlust and want to add on to my list of places to visit. As for the love department, the door is still open. Although not something I choose to worry about, I will accept the opportunity when it presents itself. That, and if the moment seems fit. I will continue to work and pray for more positive things to come my way, as well as the same wish for those I care about. The pursuit of happiness continues…