Coachella 2014 – I Made It!

After a disappointing failed attempt to make my first trip out to Coachella last year, this year was redemption time.

Instead of arriving around 3pm from my initial travel itinerary, I ended up getting there roughly at 8:30pm (Thanks a million, Eye!). Nevertheless, I was up for anything as long as I got to catch Zedd and Outkast perform. It was a done deal for both after grabbing a beer and pizza. That night pretty much set the tone for the remainder of my weekend at Coachella.

I decided to head out earlier on Saturday in hopes of catching more performers. Yep, totally happened. I also got to meet up with friends who were also in town for the event. In between sets, I was able to check out a few vendors. The Samsung Experience won me $15 in food/beverage tickets, plus another $5 for participating in a survey. I then refreshed my face at the Sephora Collection Beauty Studio and took a selfie as a memento of my weekend. I also dropped my phone off twice at the charging station. That came in extremely handy since I forgot my USB cord for my portable battery (D’oh!).   To recall, I saw Banks, Chvrches, Kid Cudi, some of Dillon Francis, Lorde, some of Galantis, some of Empire of the Sun, Pharrell, Muse, and Nas . My favorite set of the whole weekend belonged to Pharrell. I dubbed it “The Pharrell Show” simply because he threw out old songs from his time with N.E.R.D, songs from his latest album, and songs that he help produced, which prompted several guest appearances. Those included Nelly, Busta Rhymes, Diplo, Puff Daddy, Tyler the Creator, Snoop Dogg, and Gwen Stefani. If Daft Punk had appeared as well, I would have been on Cloud 9.

Unfortunately, I had to make my way back up to LA on Sunday in order to get to my flight back to SF the next day. Didn’t miss too much. However, I’ll be catching up by watching the videos of Krewella, Alesso, and Jhene Aiko, the only artists I really wanted to see that day. Overall, this was an incredible weekend of fun and music. It’ll cost you a bit, but I guarantee it’s worth every penny. I know I’ll have to be more attentive with my arrangements should I return next year, and hopefully more friends would be down to join in as well.

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