SDCC = Madness


Since 2009, I have been attending an event in San Diego known as Comic-Con. As I go into my 6th year, my heart is slightly heavy with the thought that it may be the last time I am attending. At least for all 4 days. The struggle has definitely been real with former and new attendees being pitted against each other for badges to this snowballing event that caters to everyone who geeks over comics, TV, and movies. In addition to that, Comic-Con International has made a few changes to their badge policies with every passing year. Price increases are always the first, followed by changes to the badge process, selling badges individually, etc. This is the first time ever that refunds from general badge sales have been at an all time low, which prevented CCI from having a re-sale as in past years.

Having possession of a Comic-Con badge, even for 1 day, is a golden ticket to one of the largest events held at the San Diego Convention Center. As a seasoned attendee, I’ve seen how increasingly difficult it is trying to obtain these coveted badges. My Con group (aka CONtourage), which changes slightly every year, stays at least close to 20 people. Following SDCC 2011, I created a group on Facebook. As admin, I use it to post any useful info from websites I’ve followed in the past for anything that may interest the members. Working together for everything— from badges, to hotels, to exclusives, has been essential to having a successful Con. Honestly, if we didn’t have that knowledge about SDCC now, we would be completely lost.

Having to face more obstacles next year in hopes of attending once more, I will be happy if I can at least get a badge for 2 days. Not trying to think too far ahead just yet, but I know that I’ll surely have to make the most out of this year. Even if it means I become a zombie by Sunday.




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