Ever since seeing the panel at last year’s SDCC, I’ve been excited to see this movie. I was also a bit sad that I couldn’t see the movie experience during Con, which looked amazing from the videos I saw of the cast going through it. If you were one of those people who have seen Godzilla’s earlier movies from the 50s and 60s, you too would be pumped for this whether you saw the panel or not.

There was a time during the 80s when my brother and I would play at my cousin’s house. During that time, he would have either one of the Godzilla movies or King Kong playing in the background. Of course, I would stop what I was doing in order to watch it. A wave of nostalgia hit me when I found out these same movies would be available on Netflix this month. I was hoping to have seen them all again before new movie came out this week, but was only able to do 2 out of the 4 made available. On top of that, there was also a contest I came across on Twitter in which a lucky user would win a pair of passes to an advance screening. I had no hesitation whatsoever and hit that retweet button, although I was aware that my chances of winning could be slim. Wrong! I receive a direct message from them the next day informing that I had won the passes. YUS.

There was a US production of this movie back in 1998, which I didn’t see. Thankfully I didn’t, as it was met with mostly negative reviews and criticism that Godzilla’s character wasn’t rightfully portrayed in comparison to its earlier films. The clip of the film shown at SDCC, although short, seemed to provide a bit of promise that this latest rendition would be redemption for what happened 16 years ago.

In as much of a nutshell as I can put it, here is my review:

The story line, cast, and characters in the movie were great. There were some WTF moments with Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s character acting nonchalantly while others were rushing to control the attacks by Godzilla’s enemies in the film, the MUTO. Aside from that, the action sequences were great. Not gonna lie, I was like a little kid in the theater cheering on as the giant reptile kicked ass. I haven’t been as excited about watching a flick since Catching Fire. I also watched it in 3D, which made the experience even better. I’m currently searching for another opportunity to watch this again, because to me it was that good. I know others have mixed reviews, but I also have friends who watched it and gave it a thumbs up. Basically, you’ll love it if you’ve loved Godzilla since you were a kid. And yes, this definitely makes up for the flop of the ’98 film. But if you’re one of those people who say, “I’ll just watch it because others think it’s cool”, and have never heard of him, well… that’s your opinion to make.


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