Project Smash: Humble Beginnings

Since I’ll be pretty busy during the week with work for the next 1.5+ months, I decided to take on some creative therapy. I’ve been coming across Smash books on several occasions at Target and Michael’s. After doing some research via Pinterest and other sources, I was finally convinced to purchase one (and it was on sale too, whoop!).

So what exactly is a Smash Book? It’s basically a casual scrapbook where you can place (or in the book’s case, “smash”) in little mementos, photos, etc. to look back on. It comes with several designed pages and a combo pen/glue stick, just enough to get you started.

I also bought a few other things to enhance the start of this project, and I’m pretty excited! I’ve gotten some photos printed from my Instagram account as well. Had no idea Walgreen’s could do that for you, and they have an app for it too. Sweet. I’m hoping to get somewhat started on it this weekend, and will post the process as it comes along.

Where the smashing happens. 😉
The storage case with my supplies. All for under $20!
A closer look of the supplies inside (stickers, pockets, adhesive runners, stamps, and washi tape).



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