Nike Women’s Half Marathon 2014

It had been a little over a year since I ran my first marathon at Disneyland. I seriously didn’t think that I’d be chosen for this one since the lottery system was used. So after registering, I pretty much forgot about it until I received a confirmation from Nike via email. Despite being sore and probably will be for another day or two, I’m glad that I seized the opportunity and took on this race. I had sprained my ankle more than a month before race day, so that discouraged me a bit from training. I beat my times from my first marathon by a few minutes, but I know the margin would have been wider had I not gotten injured.

I don’t talk about it much, but running for me has always been a challenge. It takes discipline, more so now that I’m working Monday through Friday. That leaves the weekends, and I’ll head out to get a session in if I can wake up early enough. It definitely helps to have friends to run with when your schedules allow.

I’m debating whether or not to try again for this marathon next year. For sure I will run another marathon generally in the not too distant future. Looking into a 10K since I haven’t done one yet. Yep, I went from several 5Ks then straight to a half. Although I did register for a 10K last year, my work schedule conflicted with it, so I had to back out. For now I’ll bask in the victory (not to mention the cool Tiffany necklace) from this past weekend. Another awesome memory for the books this year.

13.1 miles done, and a little blue box for my reward.
Friends and I posing with some SF firemen after the race. They must have been sweating in those suits (it was around the low 80s that afternoon).!



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