Post Black Friday Goodness

I couldn’t fully escape the post Turkey Day madness that is Black Friday. Although most of what I wanted was purchased online and currently en route to my place, my family has yet to NOT hit up the mall on this day. We got there a bit after 10am. Not too crowded, probably because everyone else came earlier or the night before. I only had one mission, which was to get more soap for the house from Bath and Body Works. Only took a few minutes, and I managed to get my current favorite holiday drink from Starbucks afterward. Since I was pretty much on a roll, I was also able to finally upgrade my phone after over 2 years with my Galaxy Nexus.

Today wasn’t much different from yesterday with somewhat of a wait for parking and waiting in line to pay for whatever it was you wanted to buy. Holiday shopping season is definitely in full effect! I’ve been eyeing the Project Life Midnight Edition core kit for months. Michael’s didn’t have it in stock, but luckily JoAnn’s did. Got it for 50% off. I’m pretty much covered for any future projects since there’s enough in the kit for a whole Project Life album. Plus the theme of the kit has black in it, my favorite color!

I’m currently content and have no problem waiting until next month to splurge on anything (Hello, Wii U!).


All this Project Life goodness waiting to be used. Can’t wait!
First page layout
Last page layout


Thank You

I’ve heard it many times not to just be thankful for what I have only today, but everyday. I definitely have been these past few months. I don’t show it as often as I should, but I’m grateful for everything and everyone that has come around my way this year.

I’m thankful for family. Sure, my parents and brother can drive me nuts and vice versa. But it is what it is. Each day is a new experience and I’ll take it any time.

I’m thankful for friends, here in the Bay Area and beyond. I don’t spend as much time with them like I used to, but it’s always great to be in their company, no matter how long the time period. Thanks for also being the “unfiltered” kind of friends that I’ll willingly go out of my way to see for that limited amount of time. Just know y’all are worth it.

I’m thankful for the new job opportunity that I’ve been given this year. Turns out LinkedIn really can work in your favor when you communicate with the right people. Thanks to one agency, I’ve been able to make my goal of financial stability toward the end of the year a sure thing.

Although I’m not at 100% right now (still recovering from a cold), I’m thankful for my health and well being. It’s allowed me to finish another half marathon and look forward to more running in the new year. I keep telling myself that I can always do more to be in better shape. Just gotta keep motivated.

I’m not a very religious person, but once in a while if I remember, I do pray before bed. I say that I’m thankful for another day of life and hope that the next day will be better than the last, and for those who have made a difference in my life, big or small. It’s never wrong to count your blessings and appreciate what you have. It will always be the drive I need to move forward to bigger and better things. So enjoy today, and everyday.

Sick Sucks

It was bound to happen. Working at a clinic with a pharmacy across the hall was going to bring in the occasional sick customer. Sounds ironic considering my job was mainly to help some of these customers not get sick (hello, flu shot season). Anyway, I’m hoping this is the only time I’ll be catching anything before the year ends. I hate sleeping at night knowing that my nose is stuffed up. So hard to breathe that way. I’ve also been wanting to do another Smash Book project, but I better focus on my recovery for now. I’d like to be well enough to be able to smell and taste Thanksgiving dinner in a few days. Hopefully that’s not too much to ask.

Got Flair?

It humors me how excited I’ve been getting over purchasing new things to use with my scrapbook projects. I recently stumbled upon an etsy shop named A Flair for Buttons via Pinterest and spent a good amount of time browsing the many sets of flairs offered on its site. You could purchase them either as a set by its¬†theme, or choose the ones you like. I got a dozen of them, which was a great deal. How awesome are these?! Very nice variety, so I highly recommend to check the page out. Can’t wait to use them.



November ipsy Bag – Girl Meets Glitter

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on a Glam Bag I’ve received through ipsy. For their November bag, the theme was Girl Meets Glitter.


Inside the silver bag from Forever 21 Cosmetics were the following:

  • Elizabeth Mott You’re So Fine waterproof liquid liner in Glitterati
  • Marc Anthony True Professional Argan Oil Hairspray
  • Temptu S/B Highlighter in Pink Pearl
  • J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Red Potion
  • Be a Bombshell eye base in Dismissive

I’ve tried everything in this bag with the exception of the hairspray. The eyeliner wasn’t too sparkly, and was easy to use. The fact that it was waterproof was a bonus. The highlighter wasn’t too bad. I plan on using it for a wedding this coming weekend. I liked how the eye base was sheer (it looks like a gold shimmery bronze in the pot, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I put it on), and it enhanced a neutral brown shadow that I use pretty often. The lip paint was a ¬†little too dark for my taste. Some product leaked out of the tube when I received it. Luckily it was packed in a small zip lock bag, otherwise it would have ruined the other products, not to mention the inside of the bag itself.

It’s always a hit or miss with these monthly bags, but I’ve enjoyed more than half if not all of what I received. Next month will mark a year since I’ve subscribed to ipsy. Hopefully their December bag will be something to look forward to. Will be sure to do another post once I get it!


My First Freckled Fawn Haul

I’ve been perusing a few scrapbook kit sites for anything cool to add to my Smash Book and Project Life album, but wasn’t interested in a subscription. I signed on to a few email lists so that I could check out any sneak peeks or upcoming releases in case I happened to come across anything I’d be interested in buying. I decided to take the plunge when I received an email from one of the sites, Freckled Fawn. They had a deal for free shipping on your entire order when you purchase their Very Merry embellishment kit. Everything in it looks awesome! Plus I can use whatever is left over for other projects too, not necessarily winter related. I have a few holiday events coming up, so this will be great to use with the photos I take for them and the cards from my Project Life Seasons kit. I also ordered a sample pack of their arrow paper clips. This haul has me pretty excited for my Winter projects, although I still need to finish up on Fall first! Needless to say, this most likely will not be the only time I purchase something from Freckled Fawn. The ordering process was easy, and everything was shipped within a good amount of time. Consider me a happy camper!


Gold foil stickers, a small sequined bow, and the star designed pouch that contained all the kit goodness.


Epoxy stickers, metal paper clips, chip board cut outs, glitter snowflakes, and tiny silver star stickers.


Rolls of washi tape, wood number embellishments, cork shapes, resin presents, and the arrow paperclip sampler.



SD Love

What a weekend! Didn’t get too much sleep due to stressing out over SDCC pre-registration. Was hoping to get in the waiting room for it once I landed in SD, but stupid airport Wi-Fi wouldn’t allow me to. It kept logging me off and also kept giving me errors when I tried using my Google account on my Chromebook. The fak?! Was able to get to the landing page via guest mode, but it was already a few minutes too late. Geez. However, a friend of mine was able to get me a 4 day pass. I was seriously thinking I’d only be able to get in for at least 2 days. I’ll make sure to be available for open registration and hopefully upgrade to a 4 day with Preview Night. Very wishful thinking on that part, but I’ll take it.

Saw Big Hero 6 with some guy friends, and it kicked major a**. I’m thinking about watching it again in 3D because the graphics were amazing. Dropped by another friend’s birthday at a house party afterward. Had a good amount to drink, got tired (hello, running on less than 4 hours of sleep here), then headed back to my hotel.

Had brunch with the homies and more drinking (just 2 mimosas) before heading back home to SF. Too quick of a weekend getaway, but enjoyed every moment of it. I don’t really hang out with my friends much generally, which makes me miss them more than I realize. Considering that it’s November and nearing Thanksgiving, I can say that these awesome friends of mine are something I’m definitely thankful for.

Time to take a break from the alkie and catch up on sleep…