SD Love

What a weekend! Didn’t get too much sleep due to stressing out over SDCC pre-registration. Was hoping to get in the waiting room for it once I landed in SD, but stupid airport Wi-Fi wouldn’t allow me to. It kept logging me off and also kept giving me errors when I tried using my Google account on my Chromebook. The fak?! Was able to get to the landing page via guest mode, but it was already a few minutes too late. Geez. However, a friend of mine was able to get me a 4 day pass. I was seriously thinking I’d only be able to get in for at least 2 days. I’ll make sure to be available for open registration and hopefully upgrade to a 4 day with Preview Night. Very wishful thinking on that part, but I’ll take it.

Saw Big Hero 6 with some guy friends, and it kicked major a**. I’m thinking about watching it again in 3D because the graphics were amazing. Dropped by another friend’s birthday at a house party afterward. Had a good amount to drink, got tired (hello, running on less than 4 hours of sleep here), then headed back to my hotel.

Had brunch with the homies and more drinking (just 2 mimosas) before heading back home to SF. Too quick of a weekend getaway, but enjoyed every moment of it. I don’t really hang out with my friends much generally, which makes me miss them more than I realize. Considering that it’s November and nearing Thanksgiving, I can say that these awesome friends of mine are something I’m definitely thankful for.

Time to take a break from the alkie and catch up on sleep…


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