Post Black Friday Goodness

I couldn’t fully escape the post Turkey Day madness that is Black Friday. Although most of what I wanted was purchased online and currently en route to my place, my family has yet to NOT hit up the mall on this day. We got there a bit after 10am. Not too crowded, probably because everyone else came earlier or the night before. I only had one mission, which was to get more soap for the house from Bath and Body Works. Only took a few minutes, and I managed to get my current favorite holiday drink from Starbucks afterward. Since I was pretty much on a roll, I was also able to finally upgrade my phone after over 2 years with my Galaxy Nexus.

Today wasn’t much different from yesterday with somewhat of a wait for parking and waiting in line to pay for whatever it was you wanted to buy. Holiday shopping season is definitely in full effect! I’ve been eyeing the Project Life Midnight Edition core kit for months. Michael’s didn’t have it in stock, but luckily JoAnn’s did. Got it for 50% off. I’m pretty much covered for any future projects since there’s enough in the kit for a whole Project Life album. Plus the theme of the kit has black in it, my favorite color!

I’m currently content and have no problem waiting until next month to splurge on anything (Hello, Wii U!).


All this Project Life goodness waiting to be used. Can’t wait!
First page layout
Last page layout



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