Anniversary Loot Crate

For anyone who’s into pop/geek culture, this would be the box to get! They have different subscription types (1 month, 3 months, and 6 months). The last box for the year had the theme of “anniversary”, which paid homage to different ones that took place this year. Items in this month’s box included those from Tetris and Ghostbusters (30th anniversary) and The Simpsons (25th anniversary).

Here’s the complete list of contents for the Anniversary box:

  • Captain America air freshener by PlastiColor
  • Dancing Groot crew socks by NYP Hosiery
  • Tetris sticker set by Paladone
  • Ghostbusters door hanger by Quantum Mechanix
  • Simpsons cast mighty wallet by DynoMighty
  • The Joker Batman-Batman Pop! vinyl figure by Funko
  • An exclusive Batman Issue 36 comic book by DC Comics
  • Voucher for free 30 day trial from Crunchyroll

The box even folds into a diorama to display the Batman Pop! figure. This is the first box I’ve ordered from Loot Crate, and I just might get their January box too depending on what they plan to put in it.





Freckled Fawn, FTW

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Had family over last night and got to catch up with my cousins and see how much my nieces and nephews have grown. While putting out some mini Nutella cheesecakes I baked, I thought the plain tiered display could use some jazzing up. That’s when I remembered my Freckled Fawn December embellishment kit. I got the gold sequined bow, threaded a gold twist tie through the back of it, and attached it to the top. Perfect! Such a random, but cool way to use FF kits for something other than paper crafting.


Simple Stories Everyday Sn@p! Pack

This was sort of an impulse buy, but it’s not quite one when you have a 50% percent off coupon from Michael’s. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I got home that I realized that this 127 piece set was 34 pieces short. The pack of 3×4 cards was missing. Today I went back to the location I bought it from, hoping to exchange it for a set that was complete. To my disappointment, the only other one they had in stock was also missing the 3×4 cards. In fact, the other themed sets displayed for this brand were missing their 3×4 cards as well. A few of those 3×4 packs were randomly strewn along the shelves beneath them, and also behind some mini albums on said shelves. I tried to check to see if any of them were part of the set I bought. Nope! Lesson of the day is, if you plan to buy any of these Sn@p! packs from Michael’s or any other place that sells them, double check the contents to make sure everything listed for the packs is actually there. The packaging is kind of weird. The glue that held the other parts of the pack was fine. But for some reason, there seemed to not be enough to hold that particular section of cards. Hmm…?

Despite how lame that was, the sales person who helped me gave me an additional 10% off of the pack. I even showed them the other pack missing the 3x4s, and also informed them of the other ones with the same issue. This will be used for both my PL and Smash Book pages. Looks like a minor mishap isn’t stopping me from wanting more stuff for my projects. I’m already contemplating what my next purchase will be (Don’t even get me started with what’s new from Becky Higgins. That deserves its own post!).

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December ipsy Bag – Thinking of You (Updated with Reviews)

My last ipsy bag for this year arrived earlier this week.  Loved that it came in a simple black bag (my favorite color), which I will more than likely use later.


The following are what was inside the bag I received (from L-R):

  •  Bumble and bumble Repair Blow Dry
  • Cailyn Cosmetics Just Mineral Eye Polish in Orchid
  • Nourish Organic Renewing Eye Cream
  • NYX Cosmetics Butter Lip Balm in Parfait
  • Tarte Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara


Here are my thoughts on this month’s products. The Bumble and bumble Repair Blow Dry will be excluded. I rarely use heat styling tools, so I have yet to use it.

  • Cailyn Cosmetics Just Mineral Eye Polish in Orchid – I used this all over my lids. It has a bit of shimmer, but the mineral powder formula can be layered depending on the intensity you want. The shade (a light pink/purple) can also be used as a highlighter on the brow bone area. Just make sure to use a primer before applying. I have a feeling it’s very likely to crease without it.
  • Nourish Organic Renewing Eye Cream – This feels a little thicker than other eye creams I’ve previously used, so I mainly use it at night. So far it’s kept my under eye area moisturized with no irritation. I’ll continue to use it until I’ve finished the tube.
  • NYX Cosmetics Butter Lip Balm in Parfait – I’ve had a so-so experience with the NYX products I’ve received in my ipsy bags. Although sheer, this came out nearly as pink as its packaging. I managed to tone it down a bit by layering a slightly darker gloss over it. I probably would have had a more positive review if I had received either the nude or mauve color instead (I’m a sucker for neutrals).
  • Tarte Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara – A friend had said good things about this mascara a while back. Even better considering that said friend has quite an extensive collection of the stuff. So obviously I was excited to get this. Wore it twice: while running errands and to a holiday party. The brush did a great job of separating my lashes, and it didn’t flake or smear. Not something I’d expect from a non-waterproof mascara. Needless to say, I was impressed. This one easily made its way to one of my top picks for a mid to high end priced mascara.

Overall, I liked 3 out of 5 items in this ipsy bag, the best being the mascara. I can only hope that the ones they roll out next year will be even better. Fingers crossed!


Project Smash: CONtourage

San Diego Comic-Con has been a highlight of my year since I first attended in 2009. The following year, I saw a feature on an unofficial SDCC blog site of groups of friends that attended the yearly event. Each group was referred to as a CONtourage (AKA a Comic Con entourage). The phrase has since stuck with my group, and it is also the name of our Facebook group where we post and discuss any information about it. Although we’ve had a few additions and subtractions from our members, most of us have managed to continue to attend SDCC. I was a bit unsure as to whether I’d be able to return next year due to the continuing increase of demand for badges. As I mentioned in a earlier post, I would have been content with going to 2 out of the 4 days. Luckily, one of the group members was able to get me a 4-day badge for next year. I’ll have to see what I can do to add Preview Night to that as well. Not really a big deal if I don’t get it (I’m pretty happy with the 4-day badge already), but it would be nice to get in on the exclusives I’d want a day ahead of the general public. As with every year I’ve attended, I look forward to another exciting weekend of getting my geek on and further expanding our group.

These guys have made every year at SDCC a memorable experience for me.


Photo taken at the Alien Isolation booth and my guest pass to the MTV Fan Fest
My Hall H wristband and re-entry pass from one of the panels.

Items used:

Sticko – Aristocrat and Calent Black alpha stickers

We R Memory Keepers – Dreamy “Who, What, Where” journal card

SMASH – Goodness (inside) pocket


Studio Calico – PARK AVE. Project Life Kit

I absolutely love how this kit looks. It will help add a little pop of color once in a while in place of the neutral and yellow cards from the Midnight Edition Project Life core kit I bought last month. As if that kit alone wasn’t enough! There are already some projects using the kit that have been posted to the Studio Calico member gallery. I love that their site provides inspiration for the kits that they offer, which is awesome because I’m still way into my beginning stages of Project Life. Although it’s an easy system to use, there’s still plenty of room to be creative with how you want your page to look. I’m so glad that I purchased this. I just need to get around to printing out more photos so that my projects can finally fall into place!

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Zoya Dream Box

I don’t use nail polish too often, but this is one of the brands that I reach for when the occasion arises. They had a fabulous deal for Black Friday for their Dream Box. There were a few different ones to choose from, but in case you didn’t like the selection they offered, you also had the option to build your own. I decided to do the latter and picked 3 colors I liked. It was delivered in a nice presentation box (it also had a separate gift box, but no need to use it since it was for me) for only $20. And it had a free small bottle of their polish remover and the shipping for everything was also free. SCORE!!!

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Kit Kat Mission: Accomplished

Ever since I received my first Japanese Kit Kat from a friend during my first year of college, I’ve been curious as to how many of these I could come across. Turns out there’s a whole bunch of flavors ranging from really good (Green Tea) to just plain weird (Wasabi and Cheese). I’m willing to try anything at least once, so I sent a friend who traveled to Japan last month on a mission to find some new ones for me. She came back with 6 boxes, and I’m happy with the result. Will be sharing some of these with friends and family, but the rest are for me, obviously.

Top to bottom: Golden Citrus Blend, Strawberry Cheesecake, Purple Sweet Potato, Kobe Pudding. On left and right side: Roasted Tea


That cold I caught before Thanksgiving has run its course. However, I still have yet to rid myself of this annoying cough. My throat’s been itchy, so it doesn’t  help much. Plus it’s not very productive. Ugh, I just want to be completely well already. Sometimes my head starts to hurt because of all the coughing. So glad I don’t get sick very often.

On a happier note, I ordered some more stuff to use for my Smash Book and Project Life projects. And my scrapbooking class at Michael’s is in a few days. Pretty excited about that! I just hope I’m better by then.

Project Smash: Hush Money

Wasn’t about to stray from my Smash Book despite the fun stuff I’ve been working on with Project Life. I decided  Smash Book projects would be a little more random compared to PL. That’s what I like about these books, you can put pretty much anything in them. I have a small group of friends from San Diego that I’ve traveled with to an event in Vegas called International CES (Consumer Electronics Show). During our first time there together, we came up with a name for us. It was my friend Richie who confirmed that we call ourselves Hush Money. By definition, hush money is money paid to someone to prevent them from disclosing embarrassing or discreditable information. Not like we would really do that. It’s an inside joke, so hopefully this doesn’t offend anyone who comes across this post! Anyway, the name has stuck since then. We’ve added some “honorary members” to our group in the years that followed. The original 4 have yet to come together again. It’s been over a year since that’s happened. I showed the finished pages to the other 3 and they loved it, especially how I chose one with the saying “We’re on to you”. Appropriate much? I plan to smash in another group of friends and our story in the near future.


Inspiration for this project came from seeing this theme among the pages of my Smash Book. Too funny!

Items used:

Heidi Swapp – Flower and Smile embellishments from Project Life Overlay Kit, ephemera tag

Sticko – Aristocrat alpha stickers

Studio 112 – Dollar sign die-cut

Sn@p! – “Here & now” center square

SMASH – “A few interesting facts” Past, Present, & Future journal card

Daiso – Black dot washi tape