Simple Stories Everyday Sn@p! Pack

This was sort of an impulse buy, but it’s not quite one when you have a 50% percent off coupon from Michael’s. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I got home that I realized that this 127 piece set was 34 pieces short. The pack of 3×4 cards was missing. Today I went back to the location I bought it from, hoping to exchange it for a set that was complete. To my disappointment, the only other one they had in stock was also missing the 3×4 cards. In fact, the other themed sets displayed for this brand were missing their 3×4 cards as well. A few of those 3×4 packs were randomly strewn along the shelves beneath them, and also behind some mini albums on said shelves. I tried to check to see if any of them were part of the set I bought. Nope! Lesson of the day is, if you plan to buy any of these Sn@p! packs from Michael’s or any other place that sells them, double check the contents to make sure everything listed for the packs is actually there. The packaging is kind of weird. The glue that held the other parts of the pack was fine. But for some reason, there seemed to not be enough to hold that particular section of cards. Hmm…?

Despite how lame that was, the sales person who helped me gave me an additional 10% off of the pack. I even showed them the other pack missing the 3x4s, and also informed them of the other ones with the same issue. This will be used for both my PL and Smash Book pages. Looks like a minor mishap isn’t stopping me from wanting more stuff for my projects. I’m already contemplating what my next purchase will be (Don’t even get me started with what’s new from Becky Higgins. That deserves its own post!).

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