Project Smash: TV Shows

I was an avid user of Get Glue, which was a social site and app in which you could check into shows you watched on tv or movies (on tv or in theaters). Think of it as a Foursquare for entertainment. They had a reward system in which the user could earn stickers, which were like badges, for checking in to specific ones. You could also earn them for checking in to shows that were part of a series (i.e. Game of Thrones, Walking Dead). After earning a certain amount of stickers, you could request for physical ones to be mailed to you. I had collected quite a few and really had no use for them other than keeping them in their envelopes, until now. I put a few for some of my favorite shows into my Smash Book and noted what I liked about them. Get Glue later changed into tv tag, which still had the check in option, but no more physical stickers. Had I known about that earlier, I would have had more stickers mailed to me. Sadly, tv tag has since shut down as of January 1st.




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