Check This Out – MyFab5

Amazing how a hash tag on social media can lead you to something pretty awesome. Case in point, the MyFab5 app. Like most people, I enjoy food. A LOT. I’ve seen some users and friends on Instagram tag their amazing food pics with #myfab5. Out of curiosity, I did some research by first checking out the hash tag, then searching for it via Google. The latter led me to their website. This and their mobile app provide a way for users to list their top 5 restaurants from various cities across the US. The site also has links to download the app either via Android or iOS. I haven’t been using this for very long, but I will say that I’m addicted. Finally, a place where I can feature most if not all of my documentation of edibles. Users have the option to upload the photos for their favorite places, plus others that aren’t part of their Top 5, via Instagram or from their phone. Unfortunately, there is one downside with uploading from the phone. The photo doesn’t always turn out well because the app will only allow a small square frame to position it in. That, and there’s no way to zoom in/out on your photo before uploading it. So if you want to feature the extreme closeup of that juicy steak you had for dinner, I would suggest posting it on your IG account first before transferring it to the app to get the full effect. I’m not sure how long the site or app have been around, but it’s worthy competition among the mobile food guides when it comes to searching for a place to grab your next meal.

Here are some screen shots of how their Android app looks like:


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