An Evening at Wayfare Tavern

The best friend treated me to a belated birthday dinner, which was delayed even more by a week because they caught a bug, but it was totally worth the wait. We had an early reservation for 5:30pm, and luckily it wasn’t very crowded at the time. The hostess even informed us that Tyler Florence (celeb chef on Food Network and owner of the restaurant for those not in the know) happened to be there. She led us to our seats near the kitchen, where low and behold, there he was! He said hello to us once we arrived, and my friend hilariously said a proper “Hello” in return.

He popped in a few more times to help out the cooks and take a few phone calls before leaving for the day. He doesn’t stick around for the crowds, which is smart. We did want to ask to take a photo since not too many people were there yet, but it didn’t feel right to disturb him in his element. Seriously though, he was literally about 3 ft away from me when I took this.


The following items were what my friend and I had for dinner:

Starters – American Kobe Tartare and Deviled Eggs

The tartare was served with garlic popovers and the deviled eggs were some of the best ones I ever had.

Entree – Seared Scallops

This was actually supposed to be their Poached Wild Black Cod, but our server regretted to inform us that it was unavailable that evening. Instead, he recommended this to us and said we would not be disappointed. He was right! 3 large scallops atop chowder broth with sweet potatoes, clams, and bacon? Yes, please.

Dessert – S’mores

I had this while my friend had their Snickerdoodle gelato. Their version of this is far from your normal campground variety s’more (look at the photo and you’ll understand what I mean). The Cinnamon Toast Crunch ice cream that came with it was an added bonus, not to mention a flavor explosion for the palate. Anyone who likes cinnamon should get this. Trust me!

It will be a bit difficult to top a restaurant visit like this. I do plan to return as there are still a few items on their menu that I’d love to try (i.e. the fried chicken. I’m sure I saw the kitchen prepare 20+ orders of that during the time that we were there). Reservations are highly recommended since it is a popular place. A wait may still be expected depending on the time you select. Their menu also changes often due to the seasonal and local availability of the ingredients. An experience like this is definitely something not meant to be rushed.



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