Walker Stalker Con 2015

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I came across a Groupon for this event and at first thought it looked a bit generic. However, after checking their website, it was confirmed that this was legit. In fact, it’s been making several stops since October of last year. This past weekend, it came to San Francisco and was held at Fort Mason Center. The venue is much smaller compared to the ones I’ve been to for other conventions, but surprisingly it wasn’t too crowded. Maybe because I chose to attend on the last day? I’m not sure. I saw several of the actors taking photos and signing autographs inside one of the exhibition halls and managed to snap a few myself (taking an actual one with them would cost me, no thanks). I also saw a panel with the actors who played The Governor and Merle from The Walking Dead. More actors from the show could be seen having interviews at an outside stage as well. From what I saw, the attendees looked like they were enjoying themselves. I just might dish out a little more dough should they plan to return next year. This has me even more excited for the new season of TWD this coming Sunday.

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