SDCC 2015: The Calm Before the Open Registration Storm (Updated)

I have good reason to be following my Twitter and FB accounts closely as of late. One of my sources informed that the official SDCC site posted a notice about Member ID registration closing “soon”. Last year, it did just that a little over a week before Open Registration occurred. In fact, it closed around the beginning of March, followed by Open Registration 2 weeks later. This year, the hotel sale will take place on March 24. It would be an obviously stupid idea to have this happen before Open Registration. So that means only one thing, it’s coming. Soon. I’m thankful that a good number of my group, myself included, got 4-day badges during Pre-Registration. Only a few of them were able to lock in Preview Night. Lucky bastards. Still, there were a handful that were able to get either only 1 day or no badge at all. Those of us who got lucky plan to help them out. It’s pretty much every man and woman for themselves when that day arrives. When isn’t it?! And as much as it would suck should it happen while I’m on my Disneyland trip at the end of the month, I’ll be ready if it does. May the odds be ever in our favor…

*Update* Got notification via Twitter that Open Reg will take place next Saturday. Phew! One less thing to worry about during my trip!


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