Just a quick update.

Ash Wednesday was earlier this week, which marked the start of Lent. For those of us who are Catholic like myself and wish to practice it, we abstain from meat during this day and every Friday leading up to Easter Sunday. For the past few years, I’ve given up something else in addition to this. I’ll be staying off soda again, and will also try to have meatless Mondays as well. I always see this time of the year as a good way to reset my health habits. Honestly, it’s been quite a while since I’ve really gotten in a good work out. I’m still a bit hesitant about jumping back into running after my ankle flared up after the Nike Women’s Marathon last year. My doctor did say it was OK to continue, but to start off slowly.

Something random that’s been going on with me lately is my participation in some pod casts for a segment called 80s Reboot Overdrive. So far I’ve contributed to the episodes for Loot Crate’s Rewind Crate from last month, and most recently one about robots that were popular during the decade. It’s been another way of exposing my geek side. The pod casts are also on iTunes, which I find crazy just thinking about it. I have yet to listen to them because I’m a bit hesitant to hear how my voice sounds like recorded. *shudders*  I will eventually.

I was finally able to get more photos printed out so that I could finish off January and continue with this month for my Project Life pages. Those Studio Calico kits are just dying to be used! Hopefully that will culminate in another post by this weekend. Speaking of which, I’m glad it’s here. Tomorrow is badgeageddon aka SDCC Open Registration and I’m heading to another Gogobot event later in the afternoon. Also gotta start packing for Disneyland trip next week. Haven’t been back there since my first half marathon 2 years ago, so I’m definitely excited! As February nears its close, it’s been quite a month. Hoping it gets better from here.


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