SDCC Open Registration: I Survived!

One thing I can take away from this weekend is to never underestimate strength in numbers. That’s what my friends and I had during Saturday’s Open Registration for SDCC. Although roughly a handful of us were on the morning conference call I set up (some were online outside of it too), we were able to get badges for those who weren’t able to get them during Pre Registration, add a few days for others that already had a badge for at least 1 day, and upgrade to Preview Night. I was lucky enough to be one of the latter. Despite getting an email about my credit card being declined later that day (wut), I was able to remedy the issue this morning and got my updated bar code right after. HELL YEAH. Only thing left to worry about is the hotel sale next month. I need a new mission for this year. As much as I didn’t mind waiting overnight until the buttcrack of dawn for Hall H, I might not see that as an option. That is, unless Star Wars decides to have a panel. I missed out on so many off site events last year because of that. Being that this will be my 7th year attending the convention, right now is as good a time as any to try to change things up. Some friends who are also going this year agree with me, so more than likely we’ll be doing this together. Less than 6 months left. Best believe I’m looking forward to it!

This deserves a Happy Dance


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