Blush CPR

In my post about the most recent bag I received from ipsy, it was unfortunate to have a broken product among the mix of items I got. The blush from ModelCo, which was supposed to be a pressed powder, was far from it. Rather, it was a pulverized mess inside its compact. I had seen a way to fix this type of issue on several beauty websites and decided to use it in hopes of salvaging what leftover product I had.

All that’s needed is rubbing alcohol and a small plastic spatula (I tend to grab a couple at Ulta since they’re on display to test the cosmetics. Love ’em!).


If the product is only partially broken, you would break it up further using the spatula. Didn’t have to to much with it here since the blush was more than ready for the next step.


I then added roughly half a cap of the rubbing alcohol and mixed it thoroughly with the spatula until it looked somewhat pasty. You can add more  if needed depending on the size of the product, but the mixture shouldn’t be too wet. Otherwise drying time will take longer.


Once the moistened powder reaches this consistency, begin to press it down into the pan using the spatula or back of a plastic spoon. Again, what you use would depend on how large or small the compact is. The finished result for my blush looked like this.


Of course it’s not going to look as nice as it does originally packaged, however, the purpose of using this method is to solidify the product. The alcohol won’t alter the color, and the scent of it will disappear as it evaporates while drying (I left the compact slightly open in a well ventilated area overnight). Once it dries completely, it’s ready to use! The same can also be done for eye shadow, but with slightly different steps. I’m interested to see if anyone else has used this method. Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to share!

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