It’s Sushi…It’s a Burrito…It’s…

…a Sushirrito! Pretty darn good too. Located in parts of San Francisco and newly opened in Palo Alto, customers both young and old have braved up to over an hour waits to get their hands on this sushi and burrito hybrid. Everything’s made to order, and the result is…wait for it…pheNOMenal.

I came in about a half hour after opening and was happy to see there wouldn’t be too much of a wait. Of course, I tend to set off my “food radar” when I visit talked about places like this, so not long after I arrived, the line began to creep out the door.


A quick look at their menu and less than 20 minutes later, it was my turn to order.

Behold, a small, but tasty menu.
Behold, a small but tasty menu.

I chose their Geisha’s Kiss with yellowfin tuna, tamago (grilled egg), piquillo peppers, yuzu tobiko (citrus fish roe), lotus chips, cucumber, lettuce, avocado, and sesame white soya sauce.

Orders getting made in front of the customer = a photo-op.
Orders getting made in front of the customer = a photo-op.

I was going to settle for water until I saw that they had a horchata genmai (blend of horchata and genmaicha tea). Horchata is a must for me when I’m at a tacqueria, so no use in passing it up.

Voila, lunch!
Voila, lunch!

The ingredients and flavors meshed perfectly, and I liked how the lotus chips added just the right amount of crunch. The drink was as good as regular horchata. Overall, I was a happy camper. Will eventually pay them another visit to try their Lava Nachos (heard they’re popular). The hours in Palo Alto are currently limited (11:00am – 3:00pm), but they plan to extend them in the near future. Check out either of the locations if you aren’t in a hurry and happen to be in the Bay Area.



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