6 Values When Choosing A Comic-Con Hotel

My friends and I are joining hotel registration (aka Hotelpocalypse) tomorrow morning. This post has some great info when it comes to choosing one to stay at during the convention.


Crazy 4 Comic Con


For those of you that have survived the Comic-Con badge gauntlet over the past few months, your registration journey will complete with the Hotel Sale on March 24 at 9 am pst. I know it feels like we have been waiting a long time but this is over two weeks earlier than last year’s reg date! Unless you are a Jedi Master, this can be an intimidating experience and it can feel pretty daunting trying to choose a hotel just based on price or distance. For you first timers, here are a few details to consider when choosing a hotel for the Con (with my personal favorite is listed below too). Then a few ‘values’ to help you make your final decision.

  • Make a list and check it twice: Here is the list of hotels to choose fromThe Hotel Reservation system allows you to input 6 hotels ONLY (in order…

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