Saturday in the South Bay

The weather was beautiful around my area. It got even warmer as I drove to Palo Alto in the afternoon for an outing with some people from Gogobot and their friends. We did a few hours of ceramics painting at a place called Create It. It brought me back to art class in high school. They had a wide selection of items to personalize, from vases to mugs, even pop culture character items from Marvel, Hello Kitty, and Angry Birds to name a few. It wasn’t too busy, and the session was actually relaxing and sort of therapeutic. There was even a long moment of silence because we were all focused on what we were working on (heheh). The finished products should be ready some time next week. Looking forward to using my ninja mug with cookie compartment when it’s finished!

A treat was well deserved after putting in work with our ceramic creations, so we headed to Tin Pot Creamery for some ice cream. This has been on my to-eat list for some time, so I was pretty excited. More customers soon followed after we came in. I had sampled their Mootella (basically their version of Nutella in ice cream form), but instead chose a scoop each of Four Barrel Coffee and Mint Chocolate Chip. Great decision and a good way to cool down in the low 80s heat.

After finishing our orders and chatting for a bit, we stopped by another place that one of the girls suggested called Tout (pronounced “too”) Sweet. As soon as I heard they sold macarons, I was more than ready to check it out. They also sell pastries and other types of sweets. I got a box of 6 to take home, half of which I’ve tried so far. It’s a bit sweeter than other macarons I’ve tried. I’ll have a better overall opinion of them once I finish the rest.

Today I’m just going to chill out with family during the day, then brace myself for the 90 minute season finale of The Walking Dead. The struggle of waiting until the 6th season will be very real. Hope you enjoy the remainder of the weekend!



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