Happy Easter! / Project Life – March

Yesterday was another relaxing Saturday, well, besides having to pay a few bills in the morning. Ah, the perks of adulthood. 😛 It felt nice to just sit and work on these pages. March wasn’t too eventful of a month, but I still made use of the photos I took. One thing I need to practice is using stamps. I made a bit of a boo boo with one of the cards trying to create a repetitive/fading effect. Thank goodness for stickers. Now that April’s in full swing, I do have a few things planned that I hope to document. I would have been at Coachella again, but instead sold my ticket so I could continue saving for my trip in May. I also received notice that my April kit from Studio Calico is on its way, and they’re including a bonus item with it. 😮 Of course I’m excited to see what it is they’re sending.

As much as I’d love to be spending time with family or having a nice brunch today, I’ll be working since a co-worker asked for the day off. Wishing you all a great Easter Sunday!


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