Project Life Storage

There’s nothing fancy about how I organize the supplies I use for Project Life. It’s really a bunch of smaller plastic storage boxes that are slowly beginning to fill one large plastic container. One thing I did have my eye on for some time was this photo organizer from Jo-Ann. I figured that it would be a great way to condense the items I receive with my Studio Calico kits in to one place, rather than going back and forth between each box I’ve received. I was finally able to snag it for 50% off this past weekend. 😀 So glad that I did. I’ve been able to separate the cards, stickers, die cuts, stamps, and loose embellishments between the 6 smaller cases within the organizer. One of the SC boxes has been used to store my washi tape. This is a temporary solution, as I’ll still be receiving boxes from Studio Calico until the last month of my subscription in June. I’ll have to consider purchasing another one or finding another option if I plan to continue it and/or buy other supplies. But for now, I’m happy with this.


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