The Sriracha Snack Food Search Begins

Living in San Jose, CA for a few years brought on a bunch of firsts for me. One of which was my introduction to Sriracha sauce. It also occurred during the first time I had Vietnamese noodle soup aka pho with my dorm roommate. I pretty much copied what everyone was doing once they got their soup. Added some hoisin sauce here, some bean sprouts there, and then there was the sauce. I didn’t use too much because 1) my tolerance for spicy stuff has its limits, and 2) this was something I’ve never had, so baby steps needed to be taken. I put in roughly a teaspoon of the stuff, and it was just enough to add a little kick. Any more and my mouth would have been on fire. Eventually, I tried making pho myself at home using similar ingredients, Sriracha sauce included. I had my brother, who has a much higher tolerance for heat than I do, try it. He was immediately hooked, and we’ve had a bottle of the stuff in our house ever since. He uses that stuff on almost anything. It’s crazy! Lately, sriracha flavoring has been added to several food items ranging from ketchup, to potato chips, even beer. I also came across a container that can hold smaller amounts of the beloved sauce to use whenever and wherever. Seriously, there’s no stopping Sriracha at this point. The brand behind the sauce, Huy Fong, has collaborated with Pop! Gourmet Foods to release a few items that actually have the sauce itself as an ingredient. Check out the article here.

I’ve taken the initiative to kick off my Sriracha Snack quest a few days ago by purchasing their popcorn.


There’s no way of mistaking this for any of those other food items that have sriracha flavoring. This is the real deal!

Inside the bag of popcorn, taken with flash. Those red flecks mean business in the heat department.
Inside the bag of popcorn, taken with flash. Those red flecks mean business in the flavor/heat department.

I had a few handfuls of it and it tastes awesome! As much as I didn’t want to stop eating, I eventually had to since it was getting too hot for me. I passed the bag along to my brother, which he also enjoyed. We’ll most likely be restocking on this real soon. They released their flavored potato chips this month, so I’ll be on the lookout for that too. What are your thoughts on Sriracha? Just for fun and out of curiosity, I’ve included a poll with this post. Very interested to see your answers. :mrgreen:


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