SDCC is Coming…

The frequency of reminders for one of the biggest comic conventions in the US is beginning to pick up. So will my posts about it, so consider this your warning! It’s become more difficult each year to try and attend, especially if you have never been to the one in San Diego. Of course, there are several other Comic Con events that are held throughout the country during the year. Everyone will have their opinions about which one is best. I’ve only been to SDCC and WonderCon when it still took place in San Francisco. Maybe one day I’ll venture out of California to attend a new Comic Con event. I came across a few links for contests in which the winner can win a trip to San Diego for the convention, complete with flight, accommodations, and tickets to the event. I suggest you enter if you’re feeling lucky.

For US residents, enter here (ends 06/25/15):

and/or here (ends 05/30/15)

I noticed that I have a few followers from Australia (and also happened to come across an article that had the link), so you too have an opportunity to win a trip SDCC!

Enter here (ends 05/24/15):

I’ll be sure to post more contest links, US or International, if I happen to come across them. I’m slowly but surely becoming excited for this. I still have to prepare a few things before my “con mode” starts to kick in. Stay tuned!


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