Happy Nurses Week

I’d like to acknowledge the ladies and gents that work in the medical field as nurses. The first one I ever met was my mom. I didn’t see myself ever following the same path, but I eventually did. I actually wanted to major in Hospitality Management, but found myself becoming disinterested after taking some business classes. It was during my time volunteering at a prenatal clinic that I realized maybe nursing could be a good career for me. It took longer than I had hoped to get to where I’m at right now due to the competitiveness of getting into prerequisite classes and the limited space in nursing programs. I’ve been working as a nurse for just over 5 years, and I have no regrets with my decision despite wanting to break the mold at first. What I mean by that is there are several relatives within both my mom and dad’s side of the family that work in the medical field. I really did hope to do something different, but again, no regrets here. The job is far from glamorous, but someone’s gotta do it.



One thought on “Happy Nurses Week

  1. stashmatters May 6, 2015 / 1:15 pm

    It’s SO true. My FIL recently was in the hospital and his nurses were amazing. One particular nurse probably was responsible for improving his mood / outlook on his time at the hospital – he made a complete 180 in his recovery once he was in her care. And she was one of those no-nonsense type of nurses too! 🙂

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