SDCC Updates and Another Contest

It’s less than 60 days until SD Comic Con. I can’t even wrap my head around that right now! I’m currently gathering a few things together for a cosplay that I’m planning for this year. Last year I retired one that I loved and went out with a bang. For any of you who have heard of or watched the anime Soul Eater, then you should recognize this.

Maka meets Baymax. No big deal. šŸ˜›

I really liked Maka’s character in the series, and her scythe is just plain bad ass. I’ll share a funny story about when I dressed up has her for the last time. I was walking to the convention center from my hotel. Before hanging a left to get there, a girl stopped me. She was out of breath and said, “My friend and I saw you from across the street and ran. Can we take a photo of you?” Of course I said yes. After the photo-op, one of them pulled out an autograph book and asked if I could sign it as my character. “Sure!”, I said. Although I have no idea what Maka’s handwriting looked like, it was an awesome request. Seeing the smiles on those 2 girls’ faces really made my day and rounded out my Con experience.

Anyone who’s dressed up for these types of conventionsĀ know the rush felt when others recognize who you are or show any interest in your outfit. I even had a few attendees yell out my character’s name, and I made sure to acknowledge them. Plus, walking around with a huge weapon does make you stand out a bit. Just sayin’. I will surely miss being her for 3 years that I’ve attended SDCC, but it’s about time to do something different, and also something that doesn’t involve hauling around a massive prop. I had to hoist it up while walking around inside of the convention center so that I wouldn’t poke people. Another funny thing happened when I joined friends for happy hour at a nearby hotel later that day. The person checking IDs saw that I had the scythe with me and asked if it would be OK that I “coat checked” it. I couldn’t help but laugh, and it was cool that they didn’t mind watching it for me.

Pieces of what I’ll be wearing this year are slowly being delivered. I do hope that some day I’ll make an effort to take up sewing so I can make my costumes. A friend said it’s not too difficult when using a pattern. I’ll be the judge of that once I’m actually able to use a sewing machine. Speaking of SDCC, I came across another contest to win a trip to the event. The prize includes round trip airfare and hotel accomodations, plus spending money and VIP access to Nerdist’s Comic Con party. If you’re a fan of Chris Hardwick (best SDCC panel moderator ever, and hello Talking Dead?!), you should enter this. Contest is open to US residents and entry period ends June 14.

Follow this link:

If you’re wondering about whether or not I’m excited, it’s getting there. Planning will keep me occupied until then.


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