Current Thoughts on Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley

I’ve been looking forward to my HBO Sundays for as long as I can remember. Although, I hate to say that my excitement for it hasn’t been as great lately. Game of Thrones is more than half way into its 5th season, and I keep wondering, “When is it going to get better?” Really, when? Past seasons have had escalating twists and thrills that kept viewers like me on the edge of my seat. This last episode was a little boring, although the Sand Snakes first fight and Sansa’s nightmare of a wedding night were the only things I considered highlights. (Sorry for the spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet.) I guess I’ll just keep hoping that the remaining episodes will prove me otherwise. Until then, color me confused.

Silicon Valley, on the other hand, has stayed interesting as the fellas from Pied Piper continue to get screwed. They lose their chance at finally promoting their platform not only due to a contract conflict; the company they are contracted with decides to collaborate with someone else, who happens to be one of their competitors. (Again, sorry for the spoiler).

Whether or not you’ve seen it, they have an actual link to the condor cam that was featured in the episode. Hilarious! At least one of these shows is showing some progression, if even a little.


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