Studio Calico June PL Kit – GALILEO

With Summer soon upon us, Studio Calico has changed up their kits and included bright colors and metallic touches. And since Galileo was an astronomer, there are stars strewn here and there throughout parts of this month’s kit. My favorite shape (sorry, hearts)!

PL kit subscribers received the yellow alphas as a “thank you” for sticking around for a while. I was a little bummed that part of the “currently” shape broke off in shipment. Nothing a little super glue can’t fix.

Of course my favorite card out of the bunch is the “Sorry I’m awesome” one. 😛 However, the 2 of the bunny holding the huge ice cream cone comes in at a close 2nd. Once again I’ve slowed down with the Project Life stuff since I have yet to print out the photos from my NOLA trip and put together my pages for May. I’d rather not rush with last month since there’s lots to document and I want the finished product to look great. But as always, I’ll be sure to post my pages when they’re complete.


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