Skin Cancer Prevention: Check Yourself, Don’t Wreck Yourself!

Summer will be soon upon us, although the weather here is trying to bring it sooner. One thing that’s a must to have, especially during Summer, is sun protection. Whether it be sunscreen/sunblock, protective clothing, sunglasses or even the combination of 2 or more, it’ll surely heighten your chances of preventing skin cancer.

I decided to do a post on this because a few years ago, a close family member was diagnosed with skin cancer. Luckily it was caught early and easily treatable with topical medications. Since then, I’ve been very cautious about how long I stayed out on sunny days and made sure that I always had sun protection on. I’m actually guilty of not using sunblock regularly, but I really should try to improve that. I found out about a free skin cancer screening over the weekend through the outpatient clinic where I volunteer. It was nice to see a large group of people so early Saturday morning who wanted to get screened.

I waited for about half an hour before finally being seen by one of the physicians at the dermatology clinic. I made sure that every spot on me was checked, and the doctor informed me that everything they saw was benign and not any serious indication of skin cancer. Phew! I’ll continue to keep an eye on them and any new moles that happen to appear, because you never know.

If you’d rather not consult your primary care physician or a dermatologist (if you don’t already have one), check out these free screenings like I did. You can find the one nearest you here (US only). Also, check out this post from Sunrise and Seashells about the importance of sunblock. Here’s to a fun and safe summer!

(featured image courtesy of Health Scope Magazine)


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