Warriors, FTW

While I’m not the biggest fan of basketball, it was difficult not to watch when the Golden State Warriors played. Every NBA game I saw in person was in Oakland with these guys. I even performed once at their pregame and twice during half time. But I digress. A championship win was 40 years overdue, and they finally locked it in. What a talented and humble group of athletes. It still bugs me that others aren’t giving them the credit they deserve. Perhaps they’re still wallowing in their denial that the team’s win didn’t happen. But yes, it did. I won’t be able to see them at the parade on Friday, but best believe that I’m proud of their accomplishment and wish them even more success in the next season. Congrats guys, you definitely deserve it!

Tim Curry though! Class act all around. And his little girl Riley is too cute.

So far in my lifetime, there have been 5 Super Bowl wins for the San Francisco 49ers, 3 World Series titles for the San Francisco Giants, and last night’s championship for the Warriors. If the San Jose Sharks can get that Stanley Cup at least once, it’ll all come full circle for Bay Area sports.


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