SDCC 2015: Where the Off Site Events At?!

In Part 3 of my weekly SDCC posts, I’ll be highlighting a few of the off site events that I’ve attended. There are several held throughout the course of the convention that both Con attendees and anyone who happens to be around the downtown area can experience. They’re either free, paid, or exclusive to convention badge holders. For 2 years in a row, I got to check out the Nerd HQ, which has been held alongside SDCC with nightly events and small celebrity panels. Actor Zachary Levi is the founder of The Nerd Machine, and they in partnership with Break Media have brought Nerd HQ to SDCC since 2011. The location of the HQ has changed each year, bringing a different experience each time. Same goes for the panels, better known as “Conversations for a Cause”.  Friends have been to the latter and enjoyed seeing the various celebs that appeared. The conversations are paid for, with all proceeds benefiting Operation Smile, a charity chosen by Zach himself. The rest of the events are free.

Fans of The Walking Dead can check out The Walking Dead Escape, which is held at Petco Park. Those who purchase tickets for the event can either participate in a zombie apocalypse themed obstacle course or just watch the action as a spectator. If you choose the course, you can either run through it as a “survivor” or get professionally made up to be a “walker”. My friends have done both and had a blast, while I chose to spectate.

New to SDCC last year was the MTV2 Fan Fest. This is actually a taping of the MTV Fandom Awards, with celebrity appearances and musical performances. This is an event exclusive to SDCC badge holders, and it’s free! Probably one of my favorite off site events to date. They will be back again this year. No word yet on who is confirmed to appear, but I’m pretty excited already just thinking about it.

I plan to attend more off site events this year since I don’t intend on camping out overnight for panels. Been there, done that! Can’t believe it’s only weeks until SDCC is finally here. Thank goodness I’ve begun packing already.


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