SDCC 2015: Change is Good, Part 2

Day 1

With Preview Night and settling into the hotel I’d be staying at out of the way, it was finally time to take on Comic Con. I had arrived early Thursday morning with one of my group to join others at the Convention Center. For most of us, our mission was to hit up the Bandai and Hasbro booths. Bandai didn’t sell anything on Preview Night, so it was pretty much everyone for themselves. The only way to guarantee entry into these booths was either by 1) Getting a ticket with a specific time slot to return (Hasbro), 2) get one of the first 40 tickets to go immediately to the booth to make your purchase (Bandai), or 3) grab a raffle ticket for the item(s) you wish to buy and hope your number gets chosen for you to return for your purchases (Bandai). Of course, that’ll involve waiting in lines…again.

See how #LineCon fits into the equation now? Both lines move quickly each day, but your place in them determines how good your chances are of getting to the booths early, or even at all. A friend was nice enough to give me their raffle ticket for Bandai, which unfortunately was off by just 1 number. BUT another friend got a winning number, allowing me to buy the one thing I wanted from their booth. In return, I helped them with the LEGO raffle that was happening the same day. Yes, another line to get into. But these SDCC attendees love their LEGO, so it really wasn’t a big deal. Remember, I chose not to attend any panels this year, so walking around and standing in line did make up the majority of my 4 days here. LEGO had 2 raffles, one for an exclusive building set (a different one each day) and one for an exclusive mini figure (again, different one each day). So you can imagine how long this line could possibly be. Believe me, long is an understatement! Like the Hasbro and Bandai lines, it moved quickly once the raffles opened. I was lucky and won both the set and the mini figure (gave that to the friend who helped me with Bandai) for that day.

Good (free) things can come to those who wait in line...
Good (free) things can come to those who wait in line…

Once my friendly mission was accomplished, the only things left to do were head back to the Hasbro booth to get my exclusives, and then head over to Tokidoki’s booth for a signing with their creator Simone Legno. For the latter, wristbands were handed out every morning of the convention to the first 60 people who passed by the booth. 2 of us, myself included, were able to get them. These two things were a must for my Thursday since I would be too busy Friday and Saturday to fit this in. I was very happy to get them crossed off the to-do list.

Hasbro, take my $$$!
Hasbro, take my $$$!

I was about to dread having to drag around my ginormous Hasbro bag since the Transformers Devastator exclusive I got from them was pretty heavy, but friends headed back to our hotel room took it with them. Thank goodness! My friend and I then waited for the Simone Legno signing to start at Tokidoki. We were among the first 10 out of the 60 people for that day, so I was pretty much in and out of there. I had a plan to get the first vinyl figure I ever got from them signed. It was given to me by my best friend several years ago. I also managed to have a small conversation with him while he was signing it. Gotta love a guy with an accent! He even sketched Iron Man for another friend who was shopping around their booth. She loved it, of course.

And with that, my second day at the Convention Center was done! My friend and I stopped over at the Petco Interactive Zone to check out the food trucks and other attractions. Grabbed my dinner from the Salt & Lime truck and ate while waiting for other friends to meet up with us before walking over to Petco Park for the MTV2 Fan Fest event.

Our now group of 4 headed to meet up with 2 more people at Petco Park. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let portable chairs into the venue, which those 2 people had, so they ended up not coming back for the event (boo). Those in attendance were part of a taping for the MTV2 Fandom Awards ceremony, which also had live performances by Flo-Rida and All Time Low. Each person was given a pass that allowed them 1 free food item and 1 free drink item (non-alcoholic or alcoholic with ID). Since we attended last year’s event, we decided to avoid being near the stage. It was nice to chill out and watch the performances for the remainder of the night.

Looks like I’ll need to do a few more posts for the remaining days of my SDCC experience since there’s just too much to write about. Stay tuned for Part 3!


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