SDCC 2015: Change is Good, Part 3

***This will be the longest post of my SDCC entries. You can also check out my posts from Preview Night and Day 1 if you haven’t already. Otherwise read on and enjoy!***

Day 2

Another morning of getting in line early, but not as early as Thursday. That was just a 1 time deal, thankfully. And instead of lining up at the Convention Center, it was near the Spreckles Theatre. Conan O’ Brien had a few of his shows taped during SDCC, and my friends and I were lucky enough to get in for one of them. Funny thing about it was no one knew who would be appearing at these tapings until after putting in their ticket requests. We got in for Friday, which had part of the casts of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I could say that we lucked out with this one! The purpose of the early line up was to pick up our wristbands for the show, which would be recorded later on in the afternoon. Because there were 8 of us attending, the lady gave us a whole row and awesome seats next to where the band was. Sah-weet! We took a group photo next to the Conan backdrop before splitting up. I headed back to the Convention Center and actually had free time to just roam around and not worry about having to pick up exclusives. Sure beats waiting for the LEGO raffle or overnight/early morning for Hall H to get into a panel. I was even able to shuttle it back to the hotel for a bit to freshen up before heading to the theater in the afternoon.

 Of course I was really excited for this since I’ve never been to a live taping for a TV show, so this was quite the experience. The band was great and played throughout the pause for commercial breaks. At the same time, Conan interacted a bit with the audience and took some photos. We tried to get him to come to us, but he got the cue that they were going to start recording again. Boo. The whole process took about 2 hours, possibly less. I just enjoyed it so much that the time simply flew by. On the way out of the theater, attendees were given a Conan Funko Pop! figure. Each day had a different one. Only appropriate that we got the zombie one since The Walking Dead cast was there that day.

We got Pops!
We got Pops!

Our group then split up for the day since we all had different things planned for the evening. But for myself and 3 others from our Conan group, we headed to Luce Loft for a Mashable event that 1 of them was able to get us into. I was in for a celeb sighting since Elijah Wood was there doing a DJ set. I’ve seen him around SDCC on many occasions: for panels and in the exhibit hall doing autograph signings. But to be less than 5 feet away from him was crazy to say the least. I didn’t fan girl over it, but I was observant and he was very nice to those who asked to take photos with him. He also has interesting taste in music. Him and another DJ, Zach Cowie (together they’re called Wooden Wisdom), spun SDCC-esque tunes. I’m talking about video game music like the theme from Double Dragon, and tracks from the Star Wars album. It was pretty awesome. They eventually switched out with another DJ who brought things back old school with a bunch of music from the 90s. Great way to wrap up an amazing Friday.

Day 3

I was able to wake up later on Saturday since I once again didn’t have to worry about buying anything or waiting in line. Plus this was the one day that I dressed up in costume. I decided to do a genderbend of Kakashi from Naruto. I actually polled a few people to see which version of his character I should be for SDCC, and the winner was his Anbu Black Ops outfit. Great choice because it was easy to maneuver around in, plus the top was sleeveless which allowed me to not overheat in the warm weather. And compared to my Maka costume from last year, I didn’t have to haul around a huge weapon! I did have a sword affixed to the back of my white top, nothing too crazy. My friend also dressed up that day as Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan. She unfortunately couldn’t last very long due to all the layers, but she managed to get some nice photos with other attendees dressed up as characters from the series. One of the guys from the group has dressed up as Kakashi for several years, so he was surprised to see me in my getup. Loved keeping this a secret from everyone, with the exception of a few hints here and there with the work on my mask. But unless you watched the show, you wouldn’t have had any idea what I was up to. Anyway, mission accomplished.

Part of the day was spent walking around the Convention Center. I then headed back to the Petco Park Interactive Zone to grab a late lunch and meet up with a few other friends before heading up a few blocks for Conan Bingo. Yep, it was back to back days of Conan! We lucked out again with tickets to this event for up to 8 people. Most of the group from the previous day, with 1 person switched out due to a prior engagement, got back together for an evening of shenanigans that only Conan himself would think of bringing. A small reception with open bar and small appetizers awaited us before we were allowed in for the actual Bingo event. Once inside, it was apparent that everyone was excited for what was about to go down. It turned out to be a bingo session + dinner party with even more free food and drink. Simply put, it’s the most fun I’ve had at SDCC to date.

Part of the group went our separate ways afterward, but for the remainder of us who stayed back, the night was still young. We headed to Nerd HQ to check out their dance party. I was able to hang out with a friend who was in town from San Jose for the day, and also with Tony from Crazy 4 Comic Con (I re-posted a few of his SDCC tips on my blog). It was nice to meet another blogger in person. I got to chat with him for a bit and even got a photo with him. Really nice guy, and to think I really wasn’t expecting to run into him at all. Zachary Levi was present that night, as he usually is for any Nerd HQ event. He’s another celeb that I manage come across every year. He addressed the crowd for a bit, which was cool. Unfortunately I wasn’t around with my friends when he walked up to them and offered them French fries. Who does that?!

We managed to stay out until just about midnight, then headed back to our respected abodes for some well deserved rest. It was a busy/hilarious/memorable day. And that concludes Part 3 of my SDCC experience. One more day left! Stay tuned.


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