SDCC 2015: Change is Good, Part 4

Finally, here’s the last of my SDCC posts!

I tend to sleep in a bit the Sunday of SDCC, but this year I was actually able to get up and get ready earlier than usual. I started the morning by stopping by Nerd HQ one more time. My friend had told me earlier that there was a Coke vending machine where you could personalize the cans with your name, and also make one for someone else. This would probably be the only time I’d be able to have my actual name on a Coke can, so I wasn’t about to miss out on it. The second can was for another friend that I’d meet up with later.

I then headed over to the Marriott to check out the Nintendo Gaming Lounge. Made sure to have my 3DS on to get a few Street Passes. As with past years, they had several game demos, and new to this year was the display of Amiibo and a photo booth where you could show off your best Amiibo pose.

Finally it was time to head to the Convention Center. It would be 1 of 2 trips. First was to meet with friends and wander the exhibit hall. We headed back to the Petco Interactive Zone to grab lunch from the food trucks before returning again. It was more walking around inside before they announced that the Convention Center was closing. It’s always bittersweet when the loudspeaker announces the end of SDCC for the year. Everyone headed out towards downtown to either wait for their hotel shuttle or venture out into the Gaslamp area.

For the past few years, I’ve watched the remnants of SDCC slowly disappear from Altitude Sky Lounge. It has a nice view of Petco Park and downtown, plus there’s happy hour all day on Sundays. It was nice to see more if not all of my group here and at Bub’s at the Ballpark for dinner. Majority of them were heading back home on Monday. As for me, I always stay a few extra days afterward in order to get out of the downtown area and explore other parts of SD.

I’m actually still feeling some withdrawal despite it being almost a month since SDCC. Overall, this year will be a hard one to top, but it just makes me excited for what’s in store next year. I definitely enjoyed myself more since I decided to skip panels. That’ll most likely be my plan again.

Here are the links to my previous SDCC posts:

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I’ve also made a wrap up video of my experience (best viewed in HD on the Vimeo site). Enjoy!


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