My Experience at The Makeup Show Pop-Up Shop San Francisco

Last weekend I attended a makeup show with my friend mzcolorplay. It was held for 2 days, but I was only able to attend on Sunday. Although this show is mainly for pro MUAs, there was a good mix of them and regular consumers such as myself. Since this was a pop-up shop, the venue was held in one of the ballrooms at the Hyatt, which was rather small. I was able to do a few rounds on the floor, and we were in and out of there in under an hour.

The prices for the items sold at the shop were reasonable. Guaranteed to make anyone who attended drop a few bucks. Professionals could also sign up for membership/discount cards with a few of the brands there, and seminars were available to sit in on during the show.

I managed to snag a few items. I’ll be reviewing them in a future post. Overall, this was just a taste of what to expect with makeup shows. It’s definitely not IMATS or Beauty Con in terms of size, but they will be holding larger 2-day shows and another pop-up in the US within the coming months and next year. Check out the lineup at


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