Day 8 – Your Favorite Villain

This was another easy one for me to decide. As a continuation of my love of dragons from my Day 7 post, it was only fitting to pick Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty as my favorite villain.

She puts a curse on Princess Aurora in that she will meet her demise when she pricks her finger on her 16th birthday, but the three good fairies alter it so that she falls into a deep sleep instead. She changes herself into a dragon in order to prevent Prince Phillip from entering the castle where Aurora is, but falls victim to him and his sword.

I have yet to see the live action movie with Anjelina Jolie. I can’t really think of anyone else who could play Maleficent as well as she did.

This post is part of The 30 Day Disney Challenge. Find out more about it here.


One thought on “Day 8 – Your Favorite Villain

  1. stashmatters September 9, 2015 / 7:50 am

    Yes, this would be my choice too! She’s the best villain for sure! I haven’t seen Maleficent either.

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