Day 23 – A Movie That Makes You Laugh

I could easily use one of the other movies I’ve mentioned in past posts for this one, but I’ll pick something different. Monsters, Inc. brought on quite a few laughs for me.

And Boo is too cute for words! I can understand her logic on how she’d call a fluffy monster like Sully “Kitty”.

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Day 22 – An Underrated Movie

I have watched Meet the Robinsons a handful of times, and I have yet to grow tired of it. Here’s the trailer for the movie if you haven’t seen it.

It’s another Disney movie where the ending scenes gave me the feels. Every time. It even pays tribute to Walt Disney himself, as one of his quotes was used throughout the movie.

moving forward

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Take Note

Whether we admit it or not, technology has become a huge part of our lives. It saddens me a bit that the younger generations are becoming so consumed with looking at screens, whether it be a phone or tablet. I even did a mental tally once of how many times I looked at my phone in a day and it disgusted me a bit. Not to say that the time of jotting anything down on paper will become obsolete. In fact, I hope that it never does. I still use a planner and a wall calendar to keep track of my work schedule, traveling, and any other important events. The brand of the planner is Sugar Paper and I found it at Target. I’d love to get another one for next year if they’re still selling them.


Another thing that has kept me writing on a daily basis is this 5-year journal. It asks a random question each day of the year for you to answer. I was fortunate to win this as part of a giveaway from Reasyume. Love it!

I often make lists, so writing them out and not jotting it on my phone is a must. Much of my part time job is spent in front of a computer screen, and as ironic as it seems since I’m typing out this entry, it’s always great to have a moment to mentally and physically “log off”.  This is one of the reasons why I decided to take up doing Project Life pages. I also plan on finally finishing up one of the books I’ve been putting off reading for a while. And of course, spending time with friends still happens! The digital world is constantly evolving and will continue to do so, but I won’t let it make me take these other past times for granted.

Day 21 – An Overrated Movie

It’s gathered so much success since its release that it has its own area in Disney’s CA Adventure park. There’s even a meet and greet with the popular snowman whose favorite season is actually Summer.

Any idea what I’m talking about yet? If you guessed Frozen, then you are correct.

I get it, it’s a great movie. But after all the themed birthday parties, costume dress ups, and sing alongs I’ve seen, I’m ready to let it go. Seriously.

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Day 20 – Favorite Sequel

Sequels aren’t always great. In the case of Pixar, however, I can definitely make an exception. Toy Story 2 & 3 get thumbs up from me.

Toy Story 2

Here we met Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete. All but Pete were also in the 3rd film.

Toy Story 3

Lotso seemed nice at first.

Then there’s that moment with these two.

Mr. Prickle Pants, Buttercup, Dolly, and Trixie.

Can’t forget Bonnie!

No doubt I had an emo moment when Andy left all the toys with her.

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I Got News!

A friend of mine runs a site that features posts on all things geeky (e.g. tech, games, gadgets, etc.), and another friend also helps contribute to it. Recently, at the suggestion of friend #2, I had informed that I’d be interested in joining as well. A few minutes ago, I visited the site to find some inspiration for what would be my first post. To my surprise, I see this.


It’s official! Hoping to spread the geeky love even further real soon. Feel free to check out the site at

Day 19 – Your Least Favorite Pixar Film

I won’t confirm that there’s a Pixar film that I don’t like, but with this one in particular, I just watched bits of it. I also tried watching it from the very beginning, but never got around to finishing it. My bad, Ratatouille.

At least there’s one thing I agree on with this film.

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Studio Calico September PL Kit – Brimfield

A lovely mix of pastels and black and white designs, this is by far my favorite kit for the year. That National Coffee Day card will definitely be used in this month’s pages.

I am finally getting most if not all of my photos from June onward printed and picked up today. I have lots to go through with this and some past kits this weekend. Should be fun!

Day 18 – Your Favorite Pixar Film

Pixar movies are so fun to watch! Another difficult decision with this one, but I’m happy with my choice.

My favorite Disney couple, second to Mickey and Minnie.

This scene is too cute for words.

Some interesting facts about Wall-E (courtesy of IMDB):

– WALL-E stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth class

– Dialogue does not occur in the movie until 22 minutes in, with Wall-E and Eve

–  First Pixar film to be nominated for 6 Academy Awards

– Working title for the film was “Trash Planet”

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