23 Posts ’til Christmas – Winter Essentials

Today I’m listing a few of my must-have items for winter. It’s gotten pretty cold lately, so I try my best to stay bundled up.

A scarf – My favorite is any of my fleece ones or my black infinity scarf. I throw one on before I head out if I remember. Plus it’s an easy add-on layer to any outfit.


Boots – After Thanksgiving, I usually put myself on a mission to find a new pair each year. I had always bought some with a heel, but I might stick with flat ones this year if I find a good pair. Lately I’ve been looking around for some nice riding boots.

A peacoat – I have this in both black and gray, and tend to alternate between them. At first I wasn’t sure if I’d like them because I found certain types of wool to be pretty scratchy. Luckily the store I had worked for carried some nice ones, so I’ve managed to have these for a few years.

Lip balm – This is pretty much a year round beauty staple for me, but it’s more of an essential during winter since my lips get drier during this time of year. I haven’t used Lip Smackers in years, but I do use this one from Blistex or the ones from EOS.





2 thoughts on “23 Posts ’til Christmas – Winter Essentials

  1. stashmatters December 3, 2015 / 11:26 am

    I remember our first encounter in the blogosphere… it was over our love of EOS. Do you remember that? 😉

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