20 Posts ’til Christmas – The Gift Exchange


There are a handful of friends that I actually get to see around the holidays. Within that group of friends are up to 3 different ways that gifts are given and received.

The best friend – We make things easy by forwarding each other our wish lists, but we also designate a set amount before doing so. Then we plan either a day out or meet for dinner and bring our gifts with us.

The college roommates – Through the help of Elfster, the 4 of us set up a Secret Santa for our gift exchange. Again, a price limit is set and we each submit a small wish list. It’s only been the 2nd year we’ve done this, but even though our group is small, it’s still fun to find out who chose you and what they got for you.

The college friends  – With a group of at least 10, a few of us within the group give each other presents. But the funnest part when we get together is a game called White Elephant. In past years, we’ve had some crazy antics with this. The gifts are within a certain price point, but they can range anywhere from practical to gag. There have definitely been a few of the latter, which makes for some great holiday entertainment.


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