Review – Dokidoki by Japan Crate

Japan Crate is known for their monthly subscription boxes that contain a variety of Japanese snacks and beverages. Recently they’ve released a new line of crates designed for those who are into all things kawaii (Japanese for “cute”). Their first box from this subscription is an overload of just that. Take a look!

So much kawaii in one box. I almost can’t even…

Here are the contents in more detail:

  • Panda sleep mask
  • Nya-kuma plush – It’s basically Rilakkuma dressed as a cat.
  • Alpacasso coin purse
  • Hello Kitty blind box figure – There were 5 possible characters. I was happy to have gotten the Hip Hop one. 😀
  • Charizard Pikachu necklace – As a Pikachu fan, I totally approve of this.
  • Totoro desk calendar
  • Totoro zipper pouch
  • Chibi Totoro
  • Henshin Awa Jelly DIY kit

Notice the 3 items from Totoro in there? I felt like they read my mind with this box because I love this Studio Ghibli character! It was also nice that they included at least 1 type of edible item in there. I actually made the jelly over the weekend.

I was a bit skeptical at first when putting this together. Probably because I’m so used to good ‘ole Jell-o and waiting for it to set. Not with this stuff. It was grape flavored, and actually pretty good.

For $30/month (with free shipping within the US), this isn’t too bad of a subscription, especially if you don’t mind a monthly dose of cuteness. I might stay with it for at least one more.



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