9 Posts ’til Christmas – Have a Hydrated Holiday

The work that I do plus the cold weather make a terrible combination for my hands. Multiple uses of hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing have caused them to become dry and cracked. Before and after work, I slather on Eucerin’s Calming Cream to prevent any further damage.


In addition to my hands, I make sure to also take extra care of the rest of my body. I apply 2 layers of lotion after showering. I’m currently using this one from Jergens.


Of course, something with a thicker texture like body butter would be a great alternative. I just don’t use it very often. If I did, I’d opt for something like this one from Bliss.


Aside from keeping yourself well moisturized, don’t forget about staying hydrated on the inside! I’m not the best at drinking large amounts of water throughout the day (I finish at least one bottle while at work), but I keep this water bottle from Brita inside my bathroom and sip from it in the morning and before I go to bed.


I also have been drinking more tea as opposed to coffee lately. My face hasn’t had a dry spell in a while. Must be the combo of that and my water intake. Here’s to a healthy (and hydrated) holiday season!



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