2 Posts ’til Christmas – All of the Lights

There’s a neighborhood right across from where I live that has an awesome display of Christmas lights. They are put up around the week of Thanksgiving and stay until New Year’s Eve. Visitors from all parts of the Bay area and from out of town drive there to check them out. Tour buses have also been seen, and they’ve been featured in the local news. Weather permitting, people also walk around to take photos of the houses. Unfortunately, not all of the houses participate. There actually used to be more of them that did. Nevertheless, it’s still a yearly tradition that’s been around since I was in elementary school. And it’s a tradition for me and my family to visit at least once.

Traffic already beginning to pick up around 6pm.


There were some houses that had various characters from cartoons, pop culture, and movies. One in particular had Santa and his elves climbing a ladder. Love the originality put into it.

One house that was a hit with visitors had a Star Wars display that used mostly Lego in their living room window. Speakers were placed outside of it that played music from the movies. It also had a lit up R2-D2 sitting near the top of their roof!


I always wondered what their electric bills look like. 😛 At least they don’t have to have these up all year round.


2 thoughts on “2 Posts ’til Christmas – All of the Lights

  1. ibeautytalk December 24, 2015 / 2:10 am

    That’s fabulous! We also have some houses that do this in the uk 😊

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