3 Posts ’til Christmas – 10 Christmas Beauty Questions

Came across this on fivezero‘s blog. Would have loved to do more holiday related tags as part of my post countdown!

1. Have you been naughty or nice this year with your skin care routine? I’d like to think of it as 20% naughty and 80% nice. I had an episode of frequent breakouts most likely due to the fact that I wasn’t taking well enough care of my skin a few months ago. It’s since come close to clearing up. Definitely happy about that.

2. What’s the go-to beauty, makeup, or skincare product you would gift to your family and friends? I’d give them each a bottle of Bioderma that catered to their skin type. It’s been a time saver in my routine and made me change my perspective on the micellar water hype.

Image via Beautylish.com

3. Do you mind gifting high-end products or rather drug store products to others? That would depend on the recipients’ preference. I have no problem doing both.

4. What are he beauty products you’re hoping to see under your tree this year? I don’t have an extensive list mainly because I’ve managed to cross the items off myself. Although, I have been eyeing a lip gloss from Too Cool For School and a Laneige BB compact.

TCFS Dinoplatz lip balm in Spilled Wine. Image via sephora.com
Image via amazon.com

5. What is the beauty product you’re dreading to receive for Christmas this year? A fragrance that doesn’t mesh well with me. I actually got some last year from relatives and have yet to use them.

6. Are you participating in Blogmas this year? If so, what is the post you’re most proud of so far? This is my first time doing Blogmas, but I’ve put a spin on it and made it a countdown to Christmas instead. My favorite post is about my favorite holiday movie.

7. Do you remember the first beauty product you received as a present? What was it and did you enjoy it? The earliest beauty present I remember receiving was a Love’s cologne gift set. Remember when their Baby Soft scent was popular? I’m getting flashbacks just thinking about it!

This wasn’t the actual set, but it contained these 4 scents (rain forest was actually called rain scent) and white musk. Image via theperfumegirl.com

8. What mini size product would you recommend as a great stocking stuffer? Easy! A travel sized UD All-Nighter setting spray.

9. Would you rather have friends and family ask you what gifts you wanted to receive or have them surprise you? I usually give them my wish list, but still am surprised with what they get me because I don’t have any idea of the exact item until I receive it.

10. What is your favorite way to show Christmas spirit through your look or outfit? Either with accessories that signify winter (I have a snowflake pendant I like to wear) or a bit of shimmer (not too much) with either nail color or eye shadow.


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