NYX Valley Fair Opening Weekend

I was a bit late in terms of becoming a fan of this brand, but soon started to keep tabs on this event around the middle of last year once I subscribed to their email list. They already have 3 other locations in Southern California. As the date drew closer, I had initial thoughts to head there early, but due to rainy weather and the fact that I’d rather not get up early on a Friday unless I was working made me change my mind. I did manage to check the place out on its first day opened later on in the afternoon. Glad I bypassed the line that had extended outside the mall entrance! People had been there since around 2 am in order to be amongst the first 250 people to receive an exclusive giveaway and makeup bag. 2 am? Nope, not going into SDCC mode for makeup.

Once I made my way to its location (1st floor next to Macy’s women’s wing), there was still a queue formed, but just a few people deep. I only waited less than 10 minutes before they allowed me inside.

The newest @nyxcosmetics store is open and I'm checking it out! #nyxvalleyfair

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As expected with any opening day, it was indeed a bit crowded. Plus the store itself isn’t too big of a space, which is reason for the line and letting a few customers in at a time. I already knew the items that I wanted, so it was easy to navigate myself to find them.

Here’s my mini haul.


This place is a nude/neutral lip color lover’s dream! I could have spent more time swatching product, but I didn’t want to risk feeling claustrophobic. I can always come back on a less busy day.


Although they have a much wider selection of products compared to other stores that sell them (e.g. Ulta, Target, etc.), the price points are a bit more. Of course, that won’t stop makeup lovers from visiting. Do check it out if you’re in the South Bay!

3 thoughts on “NYX Valley Fair Opening Weekend

  1. stashmatters January 28, 2016 / 6:29 pm

    I wonder if it was worth lining up to get the giveaway? I can’t imagine…
    There’s a new NYX store in town here too – I’m planning to visit it and I suspect I’ll come away with some neutral lippies too!

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    • RCubed January 28, 2016 / 6:41 pm

      Every new location opening has a customized makeup bag. There’s also a scratcher card to win free items or a shopping spree for $100. The other giveaway I saw was a mirror. Nothing worth losing sleep over, IMO.


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