Case of the Empties – February 2016

This will be a quick one since I only had a few products used up for this month.


Suave daily clarifying shampoo – This has always worked great for getting rid of product built up and freshening up greasy roots. At first I thought this was going to be discontinued since I couldn’t find it at Target for several weeks. Turns the packaging was just getting a revamp. Thank goodness.

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo – My favorite product to use on days between washing my hair. It’s a fairly large sized can and priced under $10, and comes in both scented and unscented versions.

Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes, & Lips – I was finally able to get to the end of this travel sized bottle thanks to my current experimentation with matte lip colors. I understand how not many like this remover because of the slightly greasy residue it leaves behind. In my case, I usually wash my face after using this. It gets the job done and doesn’t irritate my eyes or lips.

All items listed here have already been re-purchased.

In other news, I found out last week that I had reached my 3 year anniversary with WordPress.


It’s a bit surreal to see how far I’ve come with this blog. I couldn’t have done it without followers/readers like you. Thank you so much!

The Girly Tag

I smirked when I came across this on all about leanne. I do not consider myself very girly. I’m actually more on the  casual side and only doll myself up on certain occasions. However, upon finishing this post, my collection of different products/accessories say otherwise.


What foundation do you use? When I actually do get around to it, I use a blend of Rimmel’s Stay Matte in Classic Beige and NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat in Medium Beige.

What eyebrow pencil do you use? No pencil, but I do use Benefit’s Gimme Brow in Meium/Deep.

What eyeliner do you use? My HG is MAC’s Fluidline in Blacktrack. It needs to be replaced, but until then I’m trying out the NYX gel eyeliner & smudger in Betty (jet black). So far so good, plus it’s cheaper.

What mascara do you use? My favorite is tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes, which I save for special occasions. I’ll be tossing out a few soon, so I’m getting a few more uses out of Maybelline’s Voluminous Butterfly and Eyeko’s Black Magic.

What are 5 of your favorite lip balms/glosses/lipsticks? Here are my current faves (in no particular order):

  1. Julep Lip Gloss – Charming
  2. bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie – Maverick
  3. NYX Butter Gloss – Angel Food Cake
  4. NYX Lip Lingerie – Bedtime Flirt
  5. Cover Girl Colorlicious Oh Sugar! Lip Balm – Caramel


Do you color your hair? Once in a while. Haven’t done it since around June/July last year.

At the salon? I’ve only had that done once. Might consider it since I have yet to achieve the color I want.

What is your stylist’s name?  Tina. I’ve been seeing her for over a decade.

What is your natural hair color? Black

Do you use a curing iron? Rarely.

Do you use a hair straightener? I ought to since my hair is growing out and it’s now part wavy/straight. But I’m lazy. 😛

Do you use hair serum? If so, what kind? Nope.

Do you use any other hair products? If so, what kind? After I showering, I apply Pantene’s Intensely Strong Repair Creme on the ends, then spray on a detangler all over (currently using Infusium’s Repair and Renew Leave-In Treatment). I also use the latter prior to styling when my hair is dry. I also use Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo if my roots get a bit oily in between washing.

What shampoo and conditioner do you use?  Only conditioner I use is the Infusium leave-in from the last question. As for shampoo, there’s Suave Clarifying, Clear Scalp and Hair Active Damage Resist Shampoo, and Not Your Mother’s Way To Grow Long and Strong.


What deodorant do you use? Women’s Mitchum in Pure Fresh

What body wash do you use? St. Ives Purifying Sea Salt

What perfumes do you use/like? Name 5.

  1. Chloe
  2. Ulta Sheer Fragrance Mist in Precious Poppies (discontinued)
  3. FRESH Sugar Lychee
  4. D&G 3 L’imperatrice
  5. The Blend 7 – White Tea (on my wish list)

Do you always have to smell good? I don’t have to noticeably smell good, but I do like to be clean. Who doesn’t?


Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? Not in my case.

What jewelry do you wear the most? Stud earrings

What jewelry do you crave the most? Nothing, really. Although I’ve had my eye on the Renegade Bracelet from Stella & Dot for a while. I’ll purchase it eventually.

Purses & Shoes

How many purses do you own? At least 10. I don’t really keep track of that.

Which is your favorite? My black leather one from Coach.

How many pairs of shoes do you own? I don’t keep track of these either! Maybe close to 20.

Which pair is your favorite? My Vans slip ons.


What are your top 5 favorite stores to buy clothes? I came up 1 short.

  1.  Express
  2. H&M
  3. Old Navy
  4. Target

What is your favorite shirt? Any  graphic tee.

What are your favorite jeans? I have a pair from Calvin Klein that’s straight legged and very comfortable. I often wear it when I travel.


Favorite nail polish? O.P.I.’s Meet Me on the Star Ferry

Favorite magazine to read? I can’t even recall the last time I cracked one open. Last one I subscribed to was Runner’s World, so I guess that.

Favorite book? More like books.  Ready Player One by Ernest Cline was an awesome geeky read. I’m almost finished with The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Condo. And I’ve gone through a few chapters of Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. Hilarious.

Favorite band? Too hard to have just one favorite!

Favorite girly movie? Barely Legal and 13 Going On 30

Do you enjoy being a girl? Yep!

Highlights of CES 2016

I’m rewinding a bit to the beginning of the year with this post. For those who haven’t heard of the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show), it’s an annual event held in Las Vegas. Thousands of industry attendees from around the world go here to check out the latest in technology.

Aside from being immersed in exhibit halls full of tech, there are also off-site events that take place during the week of the convention. One that I got to check out was the Monster Retailer Awards, which was immediately followed by live performances. This year’s theme was a tribute to Michael Jackson. Magic Johnson and Christina Milian were the emcees for the evening. Performers included Ne-Yo, Joe Perry from Aerosmith, and The Jacksons. I would have never guessed I’d see MJ’s brothers perform live, ever! They are currently on tour in the US.


Had to record some of the Jackson’s awesome set.

Had some more fun at CES the following day. I checked out the demo of the Force Band at the Sphero booth. It’s to be used in conjunction with their BB-8  via Bluetooth in order to control it, and is to be released later this year.

The Intel booth once again used their RealSense technology to make avatars of attendees for the game Fallout 4. Last year they used it to make laser etched cubes.

I also made sure to stop by the Polaroid booth and get a few photos taken. Let’s just say that I was very happy to be there. 😛

One thing that was in abundance this year were drones. From the widely known remote controlled ones to one that you can actually get inside of. Even Polaroid has their version of one! Check out c|net’s article about them.

Here are a few more photos of what I saw and experienced during the event.


CES is a great reason to geek out in Vegas. I’ve visited for this purpose more in the past few years than my usual leisurely trip (unless it’s with family), and that’s totally fine with me. Of course, I made sure to check out food places and get in some shopping during my down time. Looking forward to next year if I decide to return.

Japan Crate Mini, Volumes 6 & 7

One box subscription that I’ve managed to stick with from last year is from Japan Crate. Their boxes consist of various types of Japanese snacks that are sent out monthly. I’ve been subscribed to their Mini crate since November, and have been seriously enjoying it. This will be a double review since I didn’t get a chance to finish trying everything from December’s box until last week.

Mini Crate, Volume 6


What’s inside:

  • Fujiya lollipops – The bag contained 4 flavors: strawberry, grape, apple, and orange. Loved them all!
  • Yaokin Umaibo – These are puffed corn sticks (think of an oversized Cheetos puff). I got them in cheese, veggie salad, and tonkatsu (pork cutlet) flavors. Again, loved all of them. Surprisingly I saw these the other day at Nijiya Market. They’re sold in packs of 10 for around $5.
  • Bad Kid Beer – Beer in a packet. I know what you’re thinking! Nope, definitely not beer, and not too bad either. It was more like a grape flavored fizzy drink. Contents of the packet were added to water then mixed. Simple enough.
  • Awa Moco Moco – Another drink mix packet. This one was banana flavored. I instantly thought, “Ugh, this is going to taste artificial.” Again, the contents was mixed with water. The end result was a fizzy drink with a slight foam on top. The taste was definitely artificial, but not overwhelming.
Awa Moco Moco, Banana


Mini Crate, Volume 7


What’s Inside:

  • Calbee potato chips, Usushi Oasi – These chips were lightly salted. Very light and crisp with good flavor. Another gem I happened to stumble upon at Nijiya. I plan on eventually trying out a few more flavors.
  • Strawberry Shortcake Ju-C – This tube of round wafer candy reminded me of oversized Smarties (US version).
  • Hello Kitty Strawberry Pretzel – Just like Pocky, which I’m already a fan of. This was opened and devoured immediately.
  • Asahi Calpis Gummy – These sugar coated jelly filled gummies taste just like the famous Japanese drink, also known as Calpico. NOM.
  • Milk Chocolate Pocky – Saved my already established favorite for last! Just like its Hello Kitty predecessor, it was quickly put away.

I pay $12/month for the Mini Crate, which includes free shipping (within the US). I’m currently working/munching on the contents of this month’s box. You would think 4-6 items would be easy to get through, especially since this is the smallest box they offer. But hey, good reviews ought to take some time to formulate, or in this case digest. Heheh! In the mean time, feel free to visit Japan Crate to see what else they offer in their monthly boxes.

Tagged – 30 Disney Questions

Found this on Life With A Little Shine’s blog.

1. Favorite Princess? Mulan, although she’s technically not a princess according to the movies.

2. Favorite prince? Philip from Sleeping Beauty

3. Favorite couple? Flynn and Rapunzel

4. Least favorite princess? Don’t have one.

5. Least favorite prince? Prince Adam (aka The Beast). It’s the long hair. 😛

6. Least favorite couple? Don’t have one for that either.

7. Favorite dress/outfit? The movie is overrated to me, but I do like Elsa’s outfit.

8. Least favorite dress/outfit? Aurora, only because I’m not into pink.

9. A princess who inspires you? Mulan and Merida.

10. Worst decision made by a princess? Ariel giving Ursula her voice.

11. A villain you feel was justified in their treatment of the princess/prince? Uh, no one?

12. A princess you would like to trade places with. Rapunzel

13. A princess whose life you would hate to have? Aurora because she spends most of it asleep. Talk about FOMO!

14. A princess you think is a bad role model for young girls? Snow White’s story is not exactly the best example of relationship goals, so I’d pick her.

15. Favorite tiara? Elsa

16. Favorite song sung by a princess (can include duets)? I recently saw a video on Youtube of a Disney medley of love songs and immediately got misty eyed at the first one, which was “I See the Light” from Rapunzel.

17. Least favorite song sung by a princess? Nothing for this one.

18. The princess with whom you would be best friends? Either Mulan or Rapunzel.

19. The princess with whom you’d be frenemies? No one.

20. The princes you would openly hate and be enemies with? This seems like an extension of the previous question, to which I give the same answer.

21. The princess you would dress as for a halloween/costume party? Either Mulan or Merida.

22. List three admirable qualities about the princess you named in question #2. That would be prince. Prince Philip was determined to get to Aurora despite the many obstacles that got in his way, which makes him both brave and loyal. Plus he has the best smile of all the princes in my opinion.

23. A princess you feel didn’t deserve her happy ending. Well that’s just harsh. Everyone, even a princess, deserves to be happy!

24. The happy ending you feel didn’t make sense/was too easy. They were all pretty understandable endings.

25. Favorite sidekick. Mushu from Mulan.

26. Most interestsing story. Mulan.

27. Best singing voice. They all have great voices.

28. Edge of your seat, the moment you found most exciting. It’s a tie between Merida and the bears and Mulan’s battle with The Huns.

29. If you were a Disney princess, what would your story be? I’d take either Mulan or Merida’s story.

30. What do you want to see from the next Disney princess? Someone who’s brave, smart, confident, and humorous.


Attention, MAC Shoppers!

My bestie informed me about this new rewards program for M.A.C. If you’re a current (non-Pro) M.A.C.-aholic, your prayers have finally been answered. Info on how to sign up and perks of the program are all in the post.

I know that you’re all shopaholics like myself, especially when it comes to beauty products, so it feels good to know there are programs that will reward you for all the spending you do. A couple of the more popular programs are the Sephora Beauty Insider program and the Ulta Ultimate Rewards program.

Today, I dropped by my friendly local MAC Pro store to pick up a few products, and I found out that *drumroll* MAC has launched a new loyalty program called MAC Select.


Similar to the Sephora program, there are three tiers, dependent on the cumulative dollar amount you spend over the course of a calendar year. One perk among all levels is free online shipping. Members have access to limited-edition products, as well. At all levels, you also get an annual free gift and free samples online.

One perk I really liked hearing about is the expanded…

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Project Life – January 2016

I’ve slacked off a ton with putting together my Project Life pages from the past few months, but I’m slowly getting back into the routine of setting aside some time to work on them at least every other week. I don’t take many photos to do weekly updates, so I document monthly highlights instead. Most of the elements used in these pages were from Studio Calico’s Arendal Documenter Kit.

If any of you are also into Project Life/scrapbooking/paper crafting, I’d love to know what you’ve worked on or what you’re currently up to. Feel free to drop a link in the comments.