Attention, MAC Shoppers!

My bestie informed me about this new rewards program for M.A.C. If you’re a current (non-Pro) M.A.C.-aholic, your prayers have finally been answered. Info on how to sign up and perks of the program are all in the post.

I know that you’re all shopaholics like myself, especially when it comes to beauty products, so it feels good to know there are programs that will reward you for all the spending you do. A couple of the more popular programs are the Sephora Beauty Insider program and the Ulta Ultimate Rewards program.

Today, I dropped by my friendly local MAC Pro store to pick up a few products, and I found out that *drumroll* MAC has launched a new loyalty program called MAC Select.


Similar to the Sephora program, there are three tiers, dependent on the cumulative dollar amount you spend over the course of a calendar year. One perk among all levels is free online shipping. Members have access to limited-edition products, as well. At all levels, you also get an annual free gift and free samples online.

One perk I really liked hearing about is the expanded…

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