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Found this on Life With A Little Shine’s blog.

1. Favorite Princess? Mulan, although she’s technically not a princess according to the movies.

2. Favorite prince? Philip from Sleeping Beauty

3. Favorite couple? Flynn and Rapunzel

4. Least favorite princess? Don’t have one.

5. Least favorite prince? Prince Adam (aka The Beast). It’s the long hair. 😛

6. Least favorite couple? Don’t have one for that either.

7. Favorite dress/outfit? The movie is overrated to me, but I do like Elsa’s outfit.

8. Least favorite dress/outfit? Aurora, only because I’m not into pink.

9. A princess who inspires you? Mulan and Merida.

10. Worst decision made by a princess? Ariel giving Ursula her voice.

11. A villain you feel was justified in their treatment of the princess/prince? Uh, no one?

12. A princess you would like to trade places with. Rapunzel

13. A princess whose life you would hate to have? Aurora because she spends most of it asleep. Talk about FOMO!

14. A princess you think is a bad role model for young girls? Snow White’s story is not exactly the best example of relationship goals, so I’d pick her.

15. Favorite tiara? Elsa

16. Favorite song sung by a princess (can include duets)? I recently saw a video on Youtube of a Disney medley of love songs and immediately got misty eyed at the first one, which was “I See the Light” from Rapunzel.

17. Least favorite song sung by a princess? Nothing for this one.

18. The princess with whom you would be best friends? Either Mulan or Rapunzel.

19. The princess with whom you’d be frenemies? No one.

20. The princes you would openly hate and be enemies with? This seems like an extension of the previous question, to which I give the same answer.

21. The princess you would dress as for a halloween/costume party? Either Mulan or Merida.

22. List three admirable qualities about the princess you named in question #2. That would be prince. Prince Philip was determined to get to Aurora despite the many obstacles that got in his way, which makes him both brave and loyal. Plus he has the best smile of all the princes in my opinion.

23. A princess you feel didn’t deserve her happy ending. Well that’s just harsh. Everyone, even a princess, deserves to be happy!

24. The happy ending you feel didn’t make sense/was too easy. They were all pretty understandable endings.

25. Favorite sidekick. Mushu from Mulan.

26. Most interestsing story. Mulan.

27. Best singing voice. They all have great voices.

28. Edge of your seat, the moment you found most exciting. It’s a tie between Merida and the bears and Mulan’s battle with The Huns.

29. If you were a Disney princess, what would your story be? I’d take either Mulan or Merida’s story.

30. What do you want to see from the next Disney princess? Someone who’s brave, smart, confident, and humorous.


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