Highlights of CES 2016

I’m rewinding a bit to the beginning of the year with this post. For those who haven’t heard of the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show), it’s an annual event held in Las Vegas. Thousands of industry attendees from around the world go here to check out the latest in technology.

Aside from being immersed in exhibit halls full of tech, there are also off-site events that take place during the week of the convention. One that I got to check out was the Monster Retailer Awards, which was immediately followed by live performances. This year’s theme was a tribute to Michael Jackson. Magic Johnson and Christina Milian were the emcees for the evening. Performers included Ne-Yo, Joe Perry from Aerosmith, and The Jacksons. I would have never guessed I’d see MJ’s brothers perform live, ever! They are currently on tour in the US.


Had to record some of the Jackson’s awesome set.

Had some more fun at CES the following day. I checked out the demo of the Force Band at the Sphero booth. It’s to be used in conjunction with their BB-8  via Bluetooth in order to control it, and is to be released later this year.

The Intel booth once again used their RealSense technology to make avatars of attendees for the game Fallout 4. Last year they used it to make laser etched cubes.

I also made sure to stop by the Polaroid booth and get a few photos taken. Let’s just say that I was very happy to be there. 😛

One thing that was in abundance this year were drones. From the widely known remote controlled ones to one that you can actually get inside of. Even Polaroid has their version of one! Check out c|net’s article about them.

Here are a few more photos of what I saw and experienced during the event.


CES is a great reason to geek out in Vegas. I’ve visited for this purpose more in the past few years than my usual leisurely trip (unless it’s with family), and that’s totally fine with me. Of course, I made sure to check out food places and get in some shopping during my down time. Looking forward to next year if I decide to return.


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